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Glow Lounge by Lakefit

All of our waxing services are performed using Witchhazel, a 100% Natural Talc-Free dusting powder, and 2 various styles of wax that are worldwide high-quality brands.  We have a lukewarm soft wax & a personalized disposable roll-on cartridge meant just for you! Both styles are suitable for all skin types and contain a special touch of Jojoba oil known for its emollient properties. We finish all of our waxing services with soothing Azulene.  Azulene Oil is the active ingredient of Chamomile and contains rosemary, sage, sandalwood, lavender, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.  It has antibacterial properties so it works to soothe & repair the skin, keeping it soft and healthy.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties so it helps to reduce redness and prevents ingrown hairs as well!

* Note: Men's waxing services & pricing can be found under "Gentlemen's Corner"

Eyebrow Clean Up


Eyebrow Re-Shaping


Upper Lip








Back of Neck




Upper Arm


Lower Arm


Full Arm




Low Back



Bikini Line


High Cut Bikini




Brazilian (Glow Style)


Upper Leg


Lower Leg


Full Leg


(includes Foot & Toes)



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