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Glow Lounge by Lakefit
Hand Services & Treatments

All of our hand treatments are performed WATERLESS which are better for your health, your nails, your polish and the planet!  Soaking has been proven to be one of the culprits to nail polish chipping & peeling, and we want your Manicure to last! 

GLOW Manicure  $45 (45 Mins.)

Featuring the eco-friendly ‘Waterless Dry Manicure.’  It includes removal of the nail lacquer, cleaning underside of the nail, nail trimming, filing, buffing & cleanup of the cuticle, cuticle oil, hand massage, application of Nail Lacquer


Little Souls Manicure  $40 (35 Mins.)

Our GLOW Manicure version for the hands of tiny beautiful souls (young ones & teens)


Polish Change/Application  $25 (20 Mins.)

Includes removal of the nail lacquer, nail trimming, filing, buffing, application of cuticle oil and Nail Lacquer

Gel Polish Manicure  $55 (60 Mins.)

This is our GLOW Manicure but includes removal of the gel colour with the application of a new Gel Polish


Chrome F-X Manicure  $65 (75 Mins.)

This is our Gel Manicure with the use of a Chrome Powder for shimmering shades… Bold. Daring. And Mesmerizing!


Gel Polish Application  $30 (30 Mins.)

With no removal necessary, this includes nail trimming, filing, buffing, Gel Polish & application of cuticle oil


Gel Polish Change  $45 (50 Mins.)

This is our Gel Polish Manicure with the exception of cuticle cleanup & massage

Gel Removal with Strengthening Treatment  $30 (30 Mins.)

Includes removal of the gel colour, cleaning underside of nail, nail trimming, filing, buffing, application of cuticle oil, finished off with a beautiful OPI Nail Strengthener

Gel Removal with Nail Lacquer  $35 (40 Mins.)

Includes removal of the gel colour, nail trimming, filing, buffing, application of cuticle oil & Nail Lacquer


Gel Removal with Manicure  $52 (60 Mins.)

Includes removal of the gel colour, followed by our GLOW Manicure


To best cater to our clients and ensure everyone has a pleasant experience at our Private Lounge, we ask that you book these enhancements when booking your initial appointment due to the additional time needed to be added to your treatment.

Nail Repair Rescue  $3 (Additional 5 Mins.)

Our trio system helps to repair cracked, split or broken nails with a repair glue, powder and buffer, allowing for a smoother growth cycle.  Your nails will be restored and ready for the day!

French Tip  $6 (Additional 10 Mins.)

Chrome F-X Powder  $10 added to the GEL Pricing (Additional 15 Mins.)

Organic Sugar Cane Hand Scrub with 6 Essential Oils  $11 (Additional 5 Mins.)

GLOW Luxury Face Mask Treatment  $20 (Additional 5 Mins.)

Time is of the essence: Why not sit back & relax with a face sheet mask while having your nails polished!?  These professionally inspired Repechage treatment masks were created to address a full range of skincare concerns and cater to all different skin types. These are fully saturated with serum and will be the most luxurious face mask you've ever experienced! 

Extra Nourishing Heat Therapy Hand Mask with Essential Oils  $35 (Additional 25 Mins.)

This includes our Deep Blue & Lavender doTerra Oils with the application of disposable sheets of Natural Paraffin Wax.  The paraffin wax is a natural emollient that contains Vitamin E, Wintergreen Oil & Mineral Oil, helping to boost moisture levels of the skin.  It also opens the pores & removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresh, supple and smooth.  The natural paraffin increases blood flow and provides pain relief to sore joints & muscles. This add-on is finished with a relaxing Hand Massage

*This upgrade is not recommended for individuals who suffer from Diabetes, numbness, poor blood circulation, open sores or rashes

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