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Glow Lounge by Lakefit
Body Treatments

Taking care of the skin on our body all year round is just as important as the skin on our face.  As we age, our skin cycle slows down and dead cells accumulate on the surface of the skin causing sagging, fine lines and wrinkles.  Bacteria can become trapped causing blemishes and breakouts.  Discoloured and irregular cells can also become trapped causing spots and discolouration.  It is important to choose skincare treatments involving exfoliation & moisturization to accelerate your cellular turnover and keep fresh new skin cells flourishing to the surface.  Our Wellness Spa welcomes you to try one of the following specialized Body Treatments!  [Massage & other holistic Body treatments can be found under "Holistic"]

Back Facial  $175 (60 Mins.)

Yes, you read that right... this is a Facial, but for your BACK!

A back facial is a perfect way to target hard-to-reach back acne, clogged pores and dehydrated skin.  This treatment includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation and extractions to clear away congestion.  Relax during the application of a customized back mask, foot massage and soothing back massage. This back facial is finished with a balance moisturizer complex cream and a unique mix of doTerra essential oils.


GLOW Body Polish Scrub with Massage  $195 (75 Mins.) // +ADD ON= $40 (Body Brush to take home)

Enjoy a full-body peppermint salt scrub that thoroughly resurfaces and micro-polishes the skin. This treatment begins with lymphatic exfoliating techniques with a dry mitt, followed by a scrub with exfoliating particles and rinsed off with warm towels.  This treatment is completed with a luxurious seaweed body cream to provide nourishment for deep & long-lasting hydration, leaving the skin softened, smooth and glowing.

Frankincense Body Contouring Treatment  $215 (75 Mins.) // +ADD ON= $40 (Body Brush to take home)

This treatment begins with exfoliating lymphatic techniques used with a dry mitt, then an application of warm towels soaked in our Frankincense doTerra oil.  Frankincense is the fountain of youth and is known as the ‘GOD of all oils’, popular in cancer treatments & research.  Not only does it offer a peaceful aroma, but it’s also incredible for its cellular vitality & regeneration magic.  Frankincense passes the blood-brain barrier and can fight viruses, while increasing cellular health, cognitive health, and circulation.  It also offers inflammation support and full skin support, helping with complexion colour (dark spots/sun spots, etc), wrinkles, scars and cellulite.  This service is completed with a massage using a luxurious seaweed body cream enriched with vitamin E and Gingko Biloba. The skin is left feeling silky smooth with a visible reduction in dryness and flakiness. This treatment will help the skin appear more resilient and firmer while providing a complete tranquil escape from your very busy day.

Peppermint Sea Twist Body Firming Treatment  $240 (2 HRS.) // +ADD ON= $40 (Body Brush to take home)

This treatment is an aromatic body shaping, shower-less spa service.  The Repechage Peppermint Sea Twist combines peppermint oil with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, invigorate, detoxify & purify the skin. This slimming body treatment starts with a full-body exfoliation and is followed by a thermal wrap with warm bandages, that helps to contour & firm the body, which is fantastic for cellulite (a condition that affects 95% of women).  This treatment is anti-inflammatory and improves circulation, making it an ideal treatment for sore, aching muscles or water retention. The treatment ends with a seaweed body cream to invigorate and give your skin the finishing touch with multiple benefits!

*This treatment is not recommended for women who are pregnant or anyone with high blood pressure.  It is not recommended to shave or wax prior to this treatment.  We provide disposable undergarments for this service. Please dress accordingly, as you will feel cool after this treatment.



To best cater to our clients and ensure everyone has a pleasant experience at our Private Lounge, we ask that you book these enhancements when booking your initial appointment due to the additional time needed to be added to your treatment.

GLOW Luxury Face Mask Treatment  $20 (Additional 5 Mins.)

Time is of the essence: Why not sit back & relax with a face sheet mask while having your body pampered!?  These professionally inspired Repechage treatment masks were created to address a full range of skincare concerns and cater to all different skin types. These are fully saturated with serum and will be the most luxurious face mask you've ever experienced! 

Express Facial ADD-ON  $50 (Additional 20 Mins.)

Time is of the essence, so why not treat the skin on your face while your body is getting pampered?
This facial ADD-ON includes cleansing, toning, exfoliating, mask & moisturizer

Body Brush $40

Add on this gorgeous exfoliating Body Brush and take it home with you for long-lasting effects!

Dry brushing has several overall health benefits, such as: relieves stress, eliminates toxins from the body; improving the functions of your internal organs, stimulates and increases blood circulation, assists with the distribution of fat deposits, gives your energy levels a boost, soothes & massages sore muscles, reduces the appearance of cellulite, leaves your skin glowing, prevents ingrown hairs, removes dull layers of skin; improving your complexion.

Opti-Firm Eye Contour Treatment Add On $55

This eye contour treatment works to combat the signs of sleep deprivation, aging, and environmental damage.  Using nutrient-rich harvested seaweed, aloe & chamomile, this treatment helps the eyes look rested, relaxed and ageless.  The eye mask will lessen the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles & puffiness by soothing, relaxing and transforming the eye contour area of enlarged pores​

Foot Reflexology Add On $35

This includes our OnGuard doTerra Oil with a therapeutic Reflexology Treatment which helps to improve circulation, decrease tension, and promote overall healing & equilibrium to the entire body

Extra Nourishing Heat Therapy FOOT Mask with Essential Oils $35

This includes our DeepBlue & Tea Tree doTerra Oils with the application of disposable Natural Paraffin Wax sheets.  The paraffin wax is a natural emollient that contains Vitamin E, Wintergreen Oil & Mineral Oil, helping to boost moisture levels of the skin.  It also opens the pores & removes dead skin cells, leaving the skin fresh, supple and smooth.  The natural paraffin increases blood flow and provides pain relief to sore joints & muscles  

*This upgrade is not recommended for individuals who suffer from Diabetes, numbness, poor blood circulation, open sores or rashes

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