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Come experience Glow Lounge, located in the heart of downtown Orangeville.  We welcome you to this private hidden gem, and enjoy the exquisite pampering of your favourite treatments, as well as explore our many luxurious enhancements to your visit.  We have created our menu based on a Holistic approach- improving mental health, the physical body, and the internal soul, for your ultimate wellness journey.

Pamper yourself with one of our specialty body treatments, a signature seaweed facial, a vegan airbrush spray tan, or one of our deluxe holistic services.

Our cozy intimate private Lounge welcomes everyone to “GLOW” from the inside out! Here you are instantly welcomed, encouraged to be yourself, and pampered like never before! Arrive, decompress, leave your stress at the door, and prepare for your soothing indulgence!


Our promise to you

Our priority is YOU. Our attention is on YOU. We want to connect with YOU.

Not only will you receive a top-notch service that is second-to-none, but you will also leave our Lounge in a uniquely better state than how you entered. You will notice the difference. We guarantee it. Body, Mind, Heart, Soul ..... we put EVERYTHING into YOU.

Pride, Passion & Commitment is our daily PROMISE.

                KIMBERLY A. DAPONTE

Lightworker/Healing Facilitator & Catalyst/Holistic Therapist/
Spray Tan Technician/

Mental Health Provider & Meditation Guide


I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur aiming to be extremely versatile in the health, wellness and beauty industry. My empathetic nature calls me to assist those in need on multiple levels.  With an array of interests, I have been driven to explore & master services involving physical healing, chakra cleansing, mental health detox, and energy consciousness.

I know we are spiritual beings living a physical experience, so maintaining self-care for our minds and souls is just as imperative as pampering our bodies. And treating the body is about treating the mind.  It's all psychosomatic- every bit of it, no exceptions. Nurturing ourselves inside-out is ideal in achieving a healthy optimal life full of happiness, satisfaction and balance. We’re connected on every level. It’s all about energy. When we feed our souls, we instantly GLOW on many levels.


I’ve had the pleasure and honour of helping hundreds of women, men and teens for over 20 years. I’m blessed to be in a position that enables me to harness & channel my intrinsic healing energy onto many more clients in my practice.  I am fully committed to helping others pursue excellence in all aspects of their life.

I look forward to pampering you with the ultimate Glow Lounge experience!

With Healing, Love & Gratitude,

Kimberly xo :)



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