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GIFT CERTIFICATES are a lovely gesture in showing a loved one, friend, co-worker, teacher, coach, neighbour, hostess, caregiver, (anyone, really!) that you are thinking of them.  

It's a thoughtful way to send your condolences, lift someone's spirits, say thank you, show your gratitude, celebrate a special holiday, or simply show your appreciation for someone's presence in your life.

This enables an opportunity for someone to pamper themselves and finally put themselves first, when they otherwise wouldn't do so.  You are helping them to take the time to decompress, and honour themselves while they will have YOU to thank for it all! :)

We've seen first hand how much our clients appreciate this gesture and how much it touches them.  You can't go wrong... it's truly a very thoughtful gesture!

Gift Cards


Gift Certificates can be issued for a dollar value or a specific treatment/package.  If you're unsure what the recipient would enjoy, we recommend choosing a dollar value.  If you'd like to look into our Treatments and Packages, click here: 

** Our gift certificates come prepared and ready to gift,

wrapped in a gift bag with tissue paper! **

We can provide same day Gift Certificates but please give us some notice, so we can prepare it for you!

We have made it quite easy to purchase a Gift Certificate with convenient options so that the recipient can access it immediately!  Choose one of the options below and text us/call us to order it!


(ETRANSFER is always preferred:
If you prefer to use your card, a $5.00 processing fee will be applied to your total. This is to make up for the lost cost on our end, as we are charged double to manually enter cards on our terminal machine).  

Thank You for your understanding!

Gift Certificate Options:

Payment: Etransfer or Credit Card




Payment: Etransfer or Credit Card

Payment: Depending on pickup time

Cash, Debit, Credit, Etransfer 


Once payment is received, we can have the gift certificate mailed to the comfort of HOME, either to yourself or the recipient!  (Please keep in mind this option will not include the gift bag & tissue paper, as it will be sent in a regular envelope).  Also, this will be through regular mail, and we cannot guarantee the timing of arrival.


We can also provide a FREE drop off service to the door (gift bag & tissue paper included), if the home is local to Orangeville!  (Restrictions do apply) We will do our best to deliver this the same day, but this cannot be guaranteed.

For quick, convenient and immediate delivery, you can choose to leave the gift certificate with us at the Spa for whenever the recipient wants to book in for their future appointment with us.

Once we receive payment, we can send you an electronic (temporary) gift certificate (if you request this) for you to send to the recipient via email, text, or print it out for them.  We will have the original waiting at our spa, this is simply just something physical for you to give them in the meantime. 

** We always recommend that you send it and it comes from you to ensure they receive it.  



We have a couple different pickup options:

1) CONTACTLESS: Must be paid via Etransfer or Credit Card prior to pick up. We will leave the Gift Certificate for you inside our building at the top of our stairs for easy in-and-out access for you!  

** If you are picking up in the late afternoon or evening, please let us know so we can ensure the building door will not be locked.**

2) IN PERSON: If you wish to pay in cash or need to use our payment terminal, we will have to discuss a time for you to come in to pick up your Gift Certificate.  (Reminder: we are a private lounge and our door is always locked when we're in treatments with our clients).  Thank you for understanding!

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